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General Information About IQ and IQ Exams

IQ? What is that?

IQ, also known as Intelligence Quotient, is a widely accepted, quantifiable, way of measuring a person intelligence. IQ results have been linked to the performance of the individual in areas such as education, pay grade, and social status.

Explain an IQ Exam.

An IQ exam is a method used to determine IQ score which describes one's intelligence on a standardized scale. Many different IQ exams have been developed by different researchers of Psychology all with slight differences but a similar desired outcome.

The first IQ exam was developed in 1905 by the psychologists Alred Binet, Théodore Simon, and Victor Henri. Originally intended for use on children, it evolved over the years and is now a staple exam for intelligence testing for people of all ages.

IQ exams have been stated by multiple researchers as the most accurate means of determining intelligence by use of a psychological test.

How are the results of an IQ Exam Assessed?

Your results from each individual question are compared to all others who have taken the exam and a final score is determined.

Analytical thinking, pattern recognition, spatial orientation, abstract reasoning, and visual perception are all measured throughout an IQ exam. These areas were determined to be the closest correlation to persons general intelligence and have been the standard of measurement for IQ exams.


Can I Improve my IQ Score?

Studies have shown that both a persons intelligence and IQ score can be increased significantly with specific training done on a consistent basis. As with all other muscles in the body, the human brain can be strengthened.

The Cambridge IQ Exam can be used not only to accurately test your IQ score, but also to identify areas you could improve on to ensure you are reaching your maximum potential.